1122 Avonoak Terrace, Glendale

1122 Avonoak Terrace, Glendale 3 BR, 3 BA 2594 sqft. Listed at $995,000, Sold for $1,205,000   Surprise in the Kitchen Drawer at a Glendale College Hills Home For nearly 40 years, this home supported a family through their professional lives, retirement, and even throughout the years of needing healthcare in the home…these are the stories and lives we encounter in our daily work, as we walk clients through the process of cleaning out the most meaningful collection of belongings that truly chronicle lives well spent and thoroughly enjoyed. As we walked through this home in preparation for its sale, we noticed several passports left behind in a drawer, too precious to throw away, belonging to people who had cherished this place and had extraordinary travels.  The only appropriate home for these passports now seemed to be the home that provided shelter to its beloved homeowners these past four decades.  The Berlitz Spanish language box set had been hauled away a few weeks before the home went on the market, evidence of the preparation that went into these adventures. Unfortunately we never met this homeowner before she passed away, but stories from the neighbors of when this home nearly burned down in the 1990s and how the pets miraculously survived, will linger fondly in our memories, and may the next stewards of this home be fully nurtured by this hillside retreat.