Abundant Backyard Fruit?


To follow up on our last post, we want to suggest other options for using up your backyard harvest if you want a highly fulfilling way to give back to our immediate community.  In South Pasadena, I recently spoke with June Choi at Union Bakery who said she’d gladly take any lemons from my lemon tree, which is laden with fruit at the moment.  Another great option is a backyard-to-table cafe called Homegirl Cafe in the Chinatown neighborhood of downtown L.A.  Also, South Pasadena’s Holy Family Bookstore is a backyard fruit depository for Homegirl Cafe if you have abundant fruit or if you’re trimming herbs and need a place that can use them.

When the lemons start falling on the ground, I know it’s time to put out the box on the sidewalk, pay June a visit or go down to the bookstore to drop off my harvest!