Pasadena Tudor Revival Cottage on Market: A Tale of Busy Hands


To walk through this Northeast Pasadena English Tudor, you would think a little old couple must have lived there forever, raised their family and utilized every inch of the cottage for very special purposes. I grew up in an English Tudor not unlike this one on Las Lunas Street, and just like this one, the steep pitched attic was eventually finished with a couple bedrooms and a bathroom and a large storage area (although in this case, it was not to house bolts of fabric for Raggedy Ann dolls). Talented hands lovingly made the shelves where British porcelain dishes and silver spoons were carefully displayed. Brilliant hands carefully excavated the California basement to make a workshop with built-in cabinets useful for many things, but especially for this physicist’s esoteric machines.  These same hands added two bays to the garage for hoisting engines and housing myriad tools in built-in drawers and cupboards. Interestingly, a couple months ago, many tool lovers and scientists pored over the amazing collection at the estate sale, and now we have the honor of selling this well loved home. Each home tells a story, and this one is quite unique.  Come by and have a look this weekend…it’s the first time in 56 years this home has been on the market.