Sustainable Gardens


Can we just get rid of the grass in the parkway please?  Ten years ago, Mike agreed to my proposal and has been threatening to put grass back in ever since.  My idea was to have a parkway full of native plants that would take care of themselves…what emerged was native plants being strangled by weeds every few months.  Recently we had a neighbor complain, “Why don’t you just plant grass like everyone else?”  She’s a regular walker who has to navigate her grandson’s stroller around our overgrown flax.  But ten years later, while I am still bucking the threats of impending sod, I absolutely love the parkway in all its imperfections…it’s my California version of an English garden.  For those interested in experiencing sustainable gardens, there is an upcoming tour from Glendale to Pasadena on Saturday, April 7th put on by the LA Chapter of the US Green Building Council.  In case you’re wondering, the flowers above are yarrow and below is a closed California poppy, both taken last week in the early morning from our parkway.